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The history of Boccioni High School starts a while back. It boasts outstanding facilities and long experienced teachers and provides high level training for students for when graduation comes, they will be prepared both for the business and the academic worlds. It begins 51 years before its real establishment.
The construction began in 1933 as the Royal National Institute for Deaf People, that was equipped to provide special need education and boarding school to the hearing impaired children. Then, followed the Second World War with bombing and demolishment and the subsequent reconstruction. In 1984 the Third Art School was founded, which previously was a branch of the First Art School located in Panizza Street in Milan. In 1981 the Third Art School was moved to Albani Street location where the hearing-impaired children school was still active, although there were very few members and a kindergarten. The conditions of the school were crumbling and the space devoted to more than 400 students was too small and narrow.
During the 1985/86 school years a period of struggle for the 2nd and the 3rd Art schools begins. The Third Art School at last obtains more and wider spaces, previously belonging to the Hearing-Impaired Institute, and the entrance in Arduino Square. In 1987 the branch office in Arese was established and in 1988 the School was dedicated to the Milanese artist Umberto Boccioni. Although back to 1987, there was enough space but lacked a gym. After seven years of work, in 1999, they finally open Hall Sports Gymnasium for “Liceo Boccioni”.
Boccioni Artistic High School is centrally located in the bustling city of Milan; always full of culture being the home to Italy’s finance and fashion industries. There are many important places to see surrounding the school, with the modern exhibitions of FieraMilanoCity within walking distance.
Our students come from far and wide to study in our halls, which brings a dynamic aspect to the way our students learn from our qualified teachers and their classmates from all corners of the country. It is not hard for anyone to find himself or herself here because the city’s public transportation is always coming and going to your convenience. Boccioni is a mere 100 meters from the closest Metropolitan Red Line stop Amendola Fiera, as well as Lotto being not much farther as well as the newly opened violet line stops Portello and Tre Torri.
The 90 and 91 Filobus can be found not too far from Piazza Arduino, and buses such as the 68 and 78 practically drop students and teachers alike at our front steps. For people that wish to bring themselves to our doors, we offer a large parking area for bikes, cars, and all kinds of motorbikes.Our large areas of open field within the grounds is a rare find in the city. Two short breaks are taken most school days when our faculty and staff can enjoy this luxury to unwind after a few hours of work. If the weather isn’t agreeable or you need a snack during the day, one can always find what he needs in the bar. Our helpful staff – Enzo, Jessica, and Lucia – will serve you from an arrangement of delicious sandwiches, candies, or coffee.
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