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Boccioni Artistic High School of Milan, in collaboration with MUFOCO and HangarBicocca, supports and promotes accomplishments in art and culture and offers many laboratory courses which help our students in structured growth while being able to freely express themselves in the format of theory lessons, as well as setting their knowledge to be put on display around the school and even possibly out into our community. Within this perspective Boccioni High School proposes the 20th Edition of Boccioni Prize Competition, called “Premio_Lab Boccioni 2016”.
The artistic institutes and the artistic schools in Milan metropolitan area, as well as Accademia delle Belle Arti di Milano and Città Metroplitana di Milano, are invited to participate in this events that has become a large, widely-active  project in collaboration with diverse partners, to aid and increase the personal artistic process of the students who participates and will have the opportunity to expose themselves to a professional work environment. The Prize, already sponsored in the previous years from the Metropolitan City of Milan and of the Municipality of Milan, is consolidated in the past years of success will be helped by the scientific collaboration of Professor Antonella Contin of MSLab, DAStU – the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of the Polytechnic of Milan.

The proposed theme for this edition is:
A perspective from the myth of Polyphemus to the Big Brother: releasing images in the Era of Technologies

We live in an age dominated by the new language of media, with the triumph of images and of its virtual representation. Homo sapiens has been displaced by homo videns (Sartori). Cassirer defined homo sapiens as one who does not live in a purely physical world, but in a symbolic universe. Man is a symbolic animal that has the capacity to communicate through a collection of  “significant” sign and sounds. He is an “animal loquax”, a talking creature animal that continues to spend its time with its own kind, that reflects with its own kind. The era of images makes the symbolic skills that distances humans from cruder animals and give them the value of seeing the perception and bring them closer to their ancestral skills. “Cogito ergo sum” from Cartesio has been substituted by a different perspective “I can see, so I exist”, where all the logical structures have been subverted” . It’s necessary, therefore, now more than ever, “to learn to see, as a decisive act of thought” (Zambrano). Education of the imagines and increase of a visible culture that teaches such “exploration of the ambivalence, the openings, and the places of resistance in the postmodern daily life” (Mirzoeff). For one to decrypt, give one look of bias to the image and comprehend what is hidden behind, in a sort of bifocal look that implements a comprehension of a free reality of manipulation. To learn and to have a critical sense against that which comes proposed: “To learn and to perceive, this one can do the contemporary art…” (Vettese).Unravel that “look and the aware manipulation of the images are two tools for excellence in the exercise and in the functions of modern systems to be in a social control” (Jenks). Calvin on its American lesson would have brought in the new millennium of Visibility. The visibility that for him is intended to give such skills of the individual imagination. And he asked himself which would be the future of individual imagination in the civilization of images. Will the power to evoke images in absence, the skill of homo symbolicus,  continue to develop in a humanity that is getting more and more bombarded by the flood of fabricated images?

ARTICLE 1. Partecipants
Participants of the 2016 edition of the XX Premio Umberto Boccioni are divided in two  different groups competing separately:
  • The students, preferably from the 3rd  to the 5th year of High School course, attending- Artistic High Schools, both Public and Private, based in Milan- High Schools and  Art Academies, upon invitation, both on the national and international level.
  • Students of Boccioni Art School from the previous years and students attending Art Academies on the national and international level.

ARTICLE 2. Registration and partecipation
This year the competition will be developed in collaboration with the institutions  in the above lists and involves the possibility for students, classes or groups of students, or students of LAS Boccioni to participate in:
  • Meetings focusing on the preparation of the production.
  • Laboratories, workshops, and meetings/interviews with the artists, university instructors and professors both at LAS Boccioni and atthe partners’ location, with reservations.
  • Guided tours and meetings with the artists to see exhibits and organized events from our partners, with the possibility of participationfrom the family of the students.
Participation is free, by prior arrangement with the Award Manager in order to  communicate via email at premioboccioni@liceoartisticoboccioni.gov.it address the chosen activities, the date and the number of participants.
On the website of LAS Boccioni www.liceoartisticoboccioni.gov.it and on the Facebook group Premio_lab Boccioni will be published the calendar of events and all other information. Every student or group or class can participate at Premio_lab Boccioni delivering one work only accompanied by the adherence to the course of this competition downloadable at www.liceoartisticoboccioni.gov.it.

ARTICLE 3. How to partecipate to the Contest
  • Every student or group can compete with only one piece of work.
  • The pieces of work can be made with any material, technology or language (writing, painting, sculpting, photography, graphics,architecture, design, video, etc.).
  • The videos must be supported by DVD and must be compatible with all television readers. They must be registered in the form .mpeg4 and last a maximum of 3 minutes.
  • The two dimensional projects must be made from paper and framed by some kind of plexiglass framework (no glass); those on canvas can be mounted on an easel and presented without a frame. The frame will be admitted only if it is part of the work itself.
  • The presentation must be equipped with hooks appropriate to fix the works to the wall and must not go over the dimensions of 70x100cm.
  • The three dimensional projects must be provided by appropriate support and not exceed the dimensions of 50x50x50cm and a weight of 10kg.
  • Projects that are fragile and delicate, which require special care, must be protected with the required necessary shelter, yet  stillaccessible to public viewing.
  • Written projects (poems: not more than 15 verses – prose: not more than 1500 characters, spaces included, in a unique folder A4)must be delivered in a sealed envelope, as well in Italian as in English language, and must be sent via email as an attachment to theregistration letter in .pdf form.
In case that the work does not comply with the given regulations, it will NOT be taken into consideration.

ARTICLE 4. Exhibition Timing and Location
The selected works will be displayed:
  • In the months of May and June 2016 at Boccioni High School in Milan at the Main Conference Hall
  • In the months of November and December exhibits open for the public for the winner’s selection at the Galleria Scoglio di Quarto ofMilan, partners with LAS Boccioni
  • By 2017, exhibits at MUFOCO of Cinisello Balsamo in Milan
  • By 2017, exhibits in the ARTEPASSANTE spaces in Milan
@ Copyright Liceo Artistico Boccioni 2016. All rights reserved.
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